Clarifications to Atkins problems - Page 2

Last updated: Nov. 10, 2014

This is a new clarifications page with 8th and 9th edition exercises and problems. The "Page 1" list is still the main list for now.
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Exercise/Problem Numbers and Editions
Date added/revised
Description of clarification
9th: P1.20
8th: P1.20
Oct. 17, 2014
This is a good question for practicing with TDE's and partial derivatives. Only the very last step is a bit painful, as it is just a lot of algebra - the first part of the question, or something like it, could certainly show up on an examination; the latter part is a bit too tedious and time consuming.
9th: E5.27 and DQ 5.7
8th: E6.9 and DQ 6.4
Dec. 9, 2013
If you have the 8th edition, no worries. Figure 6.4 in the solution manual is correctly done, with the topmost phases labeled as "Liquid A and B" (a single liquid phase). In the 9th edition, Figure 5.1 (for DQ 5.7) and Figure 5.4 (for E5.27), which are identical repeated figures (why? not sure), are both incorrect. There are multiple liquid phases listed including "Liquid A and B", "Liquid AB and B" and "Liquid A and AB". Just because there is a solid reacting species, AB, does not mean that there is a liquid form of AB. The topmost phase should be "Liquid A and B". The phases describing pre-precipitation of A, B or AB should include a single liquid phase, also labeled "Liquid A and B". Here is a picture of the correct figure from the 8th edition.
9th: 3.18 a or b
8th: 3.18 a or b
7th: 5.7, 6th: 5.4
Nov. 10, 2014
A full clarification is posted on the downloads page. You can access this file by clicking here.