Mid-term #1 - Oct. 11, 2013

The first mid-term examination will take place during class hours (12:30-1:20) on Fri. Oct. 11, 2013

The locations of the exam are as follows:

Room 104 Toldo - Last name begins with A-L
Room 202 Toldo - Last name begins with M-Z

The mid-term examination covers all material from Lectures 1-9.

Focus studies on:
- assigned problems
- in-class problems

The format of the examination is 5 questions. The first is mandatory, then you choose three of the four remaining questions. You must indicate which question you do not want marked. All questions are of equal value. There is an additional bonus question worth a few marks. See the downloads page for a sample mid-term examination.

1. Mandatory
2. Choose 3 of 4 from questions (2-5)
B. Bonus

You will be provided with:
- equation sheet #1
- pressure conversions
- all R values
- additional information (molecular weights, other equations, etc.)

Please bring:
- pen (exam must be written in pen, blue or black ink)
- calculator

Do not bring:
- pencils (exams written in pencil cannot be re-corrected in the event of marking errors)
- white out (incorrect answers or scratch work must be clearly crossed out)

More help:
- there are still tutorials on Tuesday and Thursday this week