Mid-term #1 corrections

If you have any questions about the marking of your mid-term:

Using a pen, clearly indicate the question(s) that should be examined, and write a clear and concise explanation on the front cover of your exam booklet.

Then, hand in the booklet after class to Dr. Schurko, or drop the exam booklet at his office.

The deadline for re-marking is Friday Oct. 25, 2013 at 1:30 p.m.

Mark adjustments will be made on Friday Oct. 25, 2013, and exams handed back on Monday Oct. 28, 2013.

Please note: As per the instructions on the examination paper, exam booklets will not be looked at if they are written in pencil or red pen, or have traces of whiteout.

Tentative revised lab schedule available

Click here to see the latest version of the tentative 59-240 lab schedule for Fall 2013. Schedules will be finalized on Oct. 18, 2013.

Please note:
Introduction week starts October 21st, 2013.
Laboratory starts the week of October 28th, 2013.

Please refer any inquiries regarding the new schedule to Una Lee (
ulee@uwindsor.ca). Please note, making the new schedule has been very difficult, and we are trying to accommodate all students as best as we can. No changes will be made for assigned slots except in exceptional circumstances.

Mid-term #1 - Oct. 11, 2013

The first mid-term examination will take place during class hours (12:30-1:20) on Fri. Oct. 11, 2013

The locations of the exam are as follows:

Room 104 Toldo - Last name begins with A-L
Room 202 Toldo - Last name begins with M-Z

The mid-term examination covers all material from Lectures 1-9.

Focus studies on:
- assigned problems
- in-class problems

The format of the examination is 5 questions. The first is mandatory, then you choose three of the four remaining questions. You must indicate which question you do not want marked. All questions are of equal value. There is an additional bonus question worth a few marks. See the downloads page for a sample mid-term examination.

1. Mandatory
2. Choose 3 of 4 from questions (2-5)
B. Bonus

You will be provided with:
- equation sheet #1
- pressure conversions
- all R values
- additional information (molecular weights, other equations, etc.)

Please bring:
- pen (exam must be written in pen, blue or black ink)
- calculator

Do not bring:
- pencils (exams written in pencil cannot be re-corrected in the event of marking errors)
- white out (incorrect answers or scratch work must be clearly crossed out)

More help:
- there are still tutorials on Tuesday and Thursday this week

Lab update - Oct. 8, 2013

Today we received the following notice from the office of the president:

Tentative Deal Reached with CUPE 1393
The University of Windsor has reached a tentative collective bargaining agreement with CUPE Local 1393. Following ratification of the deal by both parties, employees will return to their normal work schedules. Ratification meetings will be scheduled as quickly as possible. Details of the settlement will be made available following ratification.

This does not mean that labs will commence this week - please watch for announcements later this week on how the laboratory section of the course will proceed.

Labs still canceled

Labs are canceled for the upcoming week due to the ongoing labour action.

Tutorial #2, next week

Tutorial #2 will run next week at the following times and locations:
Mon. Oct. 7th 2:30 - 3:30 Education Bldg., room 1121 which holds 82
Tues. Oct. 8th 2:30 - 3:30 Dillon Hall, room 265 which holds 56
Thurs. Oct. 10th 2:30 - 3:30 Erie Hall, room 3123 which holds 130

Tutorial #2 will cover material to prep for the mid-term examination on Oct. 11, 2013

Consultation times for mid-term #1

Consultation times for mid-term #1 are now available for booking on Oct. 8 and 9, 2013.

click here to see what slots are open on the calendar and to make a booking.

Your initials will appear in the slot once it is booked.

Additional tutorial session!

For those people who could not attend tutorial last week, a make-up tutorial will be offered:
Wed. Oct. 2 at 5:30 p.m. Meet outside of 273 Essex Hall just before 5:30.

David Hirsh will be offering this tutorial.