A couple of final notes...

- All of the new mind maps for L15-19 are available on the downloads page.
- Please bring a ruler to the final examination.
- You may right the final examination in pencil if you wish.

Best wishes for success on this examination, and in all of your other courses.

Rob Schurko

Final examination information

The final examination will take place on Wed. Dec. 10 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. in Toldo 100.

Consultation times can be booked by clicking here! Please pick a slot, and then use the contact page to inform me what slot you would like.

A f
inal exam review and tutorial will be presented on Fri. Dec. 5 at 12:30 in our usual classroom.

Final exam

The final exam is comprehensive, but 65-70% of the material will be from Lectures 15-19 (everything after the second mid-term).

The final exam format is:

1. Mandatory question, phase diagram, 16 marks.
2-9. Choose 7 of 8, 12 marks each.
Bonus. 4-6 marks

You will be provided with
Equation Sheets 1-3, plus other useful information.