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Animation information. If anyone can provide information on the original authors of these animations, please contact me, so that they may be properly credited and linked.

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The people credited below have obviously put in an enormous effort to render these graphics which eloquently illustrate important physical properties of matter. Please visit their sites for more information. Any information of the origin of the some of the other animations above would be greatly appreciated, so that their authors can be properly acknowledged.

  • Animations marked with "MSU" are from an excellent site by W. Bauer at Michigan State University, which provides a variety of physics and chemistry java animations
  • Animations marked with "UCI" are from a very good site by Christopher Grayce at University of California at Irvine
  • Animations marked with "ISU" are from a comprehensive set of chemistry animations by Tom Greenbowe at Iowa State University, from the Chemical Education Research Group in the Department of Chemistry.
  • Animations marked with * are "live" and not maintained from Windsor - their availability depends on the authors and universities that maintain them.


Chapter 1: Gases

Chapter 2: First Law

Chapter 3: Second Law

Chapters 4, 5: Transformations, Mixtures and Phase Diagrams



Phase Diagrams

Royal Society Videos on Thermodynamics